Startup Matchmaking

Accelerate your innovation by not doing it alone. Get support from startups that can solve your problems today. Work together on tomorrow’s challenges.

Startup Market

Startups have the potential to grow rapidly with their products and services in a short time, are particularly fragile and often change their product and customer focus in the beginning. With the Ambivation Market Research we analyze the market or selected technologies for you and evaluate the developments. Learn what is happening in your relevant startup market and what you can learn from the developments.

Based on our Needs Assessment, we analyze the startup market relevant to you in a Startup Market Research. In this way you get answers to your questions and do not have to struggle through a multitude of startups and lose a lot of time.

Startup Selection

Startups can solve different tasks for you: For example, they can digitize your work processes or support you in developing completely new business fields, business models or regional markets. Startups offer new technologies or business models you can implement in your products or expand your product range with. Startups can offer you new ways of marketing and sales or bring your products to new countries.

We support the search for concrete startups or the best startups for your needs with a Startup Scouting. If you would like to observe the startup market in the long term and learn from the innovations at an early stage for your corporate strategy, we offer you Startup Monitoring. In this case we keep you continuously up to date and you can evaluate opportunities at an early stage and benefit from them ahead of your competitors.

Startup Introduction

Businessmen don’t have time to waste. At the same time, getting to know each other is always about building trust and identifying similarities in the conversation. We moderate the matchmaking of interests and organize getting to know each other so you can work together to implement innovation.

From our experience, two formats are particularly suitable for this. With a Startup Tour, you get to talk to startups personally and get to know each other. With a Startup Pitch or Startup Demoday you have the chance to get to know the best & most relevant startups in a short time to speed up and improve the selection of your partner.

Startup Assistance

Innovation is a process. You can go through this process together with startup founders who have experience in digitization, artificial intelligence and online marketing. Regularly discuss your innovation process with a mentor or sparing partner or develop your product together with suitable startups in several matchmaking workshops.

With Startup Matchmaking we design the complete process of cooperation with startups with you as a comprehensive solution. Starting with the market research, identification of fields of action for your corporate strategy, identification and evaluation of relevant startups, the strategy presentation of a cooperation opportunity up to the initiation and support of the cooperation. Other companies, on the other hand, would like a Sparring Partner on the subject of Startup Cooperation with whom you can discuss and further develop your innovation strategy.

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