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Innovation Mentoring and Sparring

With a mentor, you can get advice and help for important innovation and digitisation tasks. With a Sparing Partner you support each other.

Why does Mentoring or Sparring help me in the innovation process?

Innovation and management decisions are challenging. When developing your business it is helpful to work with an expert who has already gone down this path. For many topics of digitization, a sparring or mentoring with a startup founder is a good idea. This often results in a win-win situation: Founders often have excellent technical knowledge, but also need help in entrepreneurial areas. With Startup Mentoring you can learn how to teach and build a relationship with young entrepreneurs.

When is Innovation Mentoring or Sparring useful for my company?

  • As managing director, you want to learn more about a previously unknown field of business.

  • Your managers need support in innovation development.

  • They want to get to know other entrepreneurs and support each other.

  • You want to supervise the strategic development of a startup in order to strive for a later cooperation or purchase.

  • You’re looking for innovative ideas.

  • You have difficulties with noticing latest trends and are looking for a contact person.

What to expect from an Innovation Mentoring or Sparring

With our mentoring and sparring program, we connect you with mentors on your desired topic, such as online marketing, agile project management or new work. In a sparing program we look for founders of your industry or you directly get a mentor from Ambivation. It is important that your partner and you understand each other well. We suggest a few entrepreneurs and you choose the sparing partner that suits you best.

Innovation Mentoring and Sparring schedule

Topic selection

Partner selection


What does Ambivation do for you in an Innovation Mentoring or Sparring?

  • Needs assessment of your learning and innovation interests

  • Scouting of 2-8 founders

  • Coordination with your potential mentors or sparring partners


What is Mentoring?2019-11-21T11:03:59+01:00

In the case of Mentoring, we are looking for an expert to advise you on a topic at regular intervals. Typically experts get paid for their services.

What is Sparing?2019-05-07T14:56:13+02:00

With a Sparing, we are looking for an expert who is looking for an exchange of experience in order to learn and pass on his own knowledge. This creates a win-win situation in which both parties benefit.

Who can be a mentor or sparing partner?2019-05-07T14:55:51+02:00

We are looking for partners that fit your requirements perfectly. They partly come from our network, partly directly from Ambivation.

How long does mentoring take? How often is it?2019-05-07T14:57:41+02:00

Mentoring should last at least two months and can last for several years. If you need project mentoring, you should talk to your mentor at least once a week. Strategic mentoring is offered only on a quarterly basis. Most sparing partners usually talk to each other at least every two weeks and take about an hour to do so.

Where’s the mentoring?2019-05-07T14:55:26+02:00

Mentoring is usually carried out by telephone. Sometimes it is useful or desirable to get to know each other personally and meet regularly.

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