Startup Methods and Culture

More and more startups are going public and bring an enormous speed of growth to the streets. Parts of their success are the methods and culture which startups use to be creative and innovative in their work and regulate their business processes. Learn for yourself what methods can help you grow.

Product Management

Product cycles are getting shorter because technical development is getting faster. That’s why we offer method training in Design Thinking and Google Design Sprint to keep an eye on the end-user of your products and iteratively improve the idea, concept, design, marketing and technology. Test your prototypes, not your products and save money on development costs.

Learn the Design Thinking mindset to develop a culture of creative problem solving and create a workplace that attracts young talents. Or create and test a prototype within four days in a Design Sprint. Focus on the core function of the product and create a prototype.

Project Management

Good entrepreneurs want satisfied customers. In a world in which new technologies are being developed more rapidly and wishes and specifications are changing fast, projects may not lag behind.

This is why we support you with Startup Methods training, so you can improve your project management with Agile or Scrum, respond to customer requests, even if you are already in the middle of the development process and deliver your products on time.

Business Development and Marketing

Growth not only in B2C but increasingly also in B2B is very much dependent on good business development and marketing. In the startup context there are a variety of methods to implement business development and marketing in iterative steps.

With our Startup Methods Training in Growth Hacking, you will gradually work through marketing mechanisms and test which levers generate growth for your product marketing. Lean Startup, on the other hand, starts with the methodical development of new business ideas, for example with the Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas. There you will learn to develop business ideas in iterative cycles, validate business models and hypotheses and put ideas on the road.

Leadership and Human Resource Management

The working methods and culture of startups inspire many young people and often produce remarkable results in the implementation of innovations. At the same time, companies should not make the imprudent decision to copy the way startups work.

With our Startup Culture Training we show you commonalities and differences. We point out success factors, explain trends and disenchant hype and misunderstandings. The best way to see Startup Culture is, of course, by example. During an Innovation Tour, we will visit various companies together with you and compare theory and practice. You will learn how you can become more innovative yourself or how you can develop innovation together through cooperation.

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