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With a Startup Pitch or Demoday you can get to know a number of Startups to better understand the products. It is the basis to cooperate with startups or to invest in them.

Why does a Startup Demoday or Pitch help me in my innovation process?

The best strategy for new innovations is to test as many hypotheses as possible, to bring new products to market and discard them if they do not scale. Startups are perfect for this innovation strategy and at a Startup Pitch or Startup Demoday we invite a number of startups to present their products and business models. This way you will get to know different business models, user needs and technical innovations. In both formats we can also integrate a reverse pitch of your company in which you present your own challenges for which you are looking for concrete solutions.

When does a Startup Pitch or Demoday make sense for my company?

  • You haven`t decided on an innovation strategy yet.

  • You want to get to know a range of startups.

  • You are looking for new ways of innovation development.

  • You have an event with customers and want to present an overview of the market in your industry.

What to expect from a Startup Pitch or Demoday

At a pitch event, we invite five to ten startups to give a five-minute presentation of their startup. You will then have time to ask questions. At a demoday, usually more than ten startups are invited and they have more time to deal in detail with the products and corporate strategies and compare them with their own plans.

Startup Pitch/ Demoday schedule

Needs assessment and market research

List of evaluated startups

Pitch event or Demoday

What does Ambivation do for you at a Startup Demoday or Pitch?

  • Needs assessment and market research of your innovation interests

  • Startup scouting of 5-30 startups, i.e. research and evaluation of suitable startups

  • Event management of a pitch event with an average duration of approx. 3 hours. Organizing a demoday with an average duration of 7 hours.

  • Follow-up and consulting concerning interesting startups and Matchmaking.


Why should I cooperate with startups?2019-05-07T13:21:26+02:00

Many young companies are founded directly from the universities. Others have founders who have already established and sold successful companies several times. Startups are indicators of current trends and research and can make your work easier or outstrip your rank. We believe in cooperation instead of competition.

Which startups are the right ones for my company?2019-05-07T13:18:59+02:00

What is most important for a successful cooperation is that you understand each other and that the cooperation pursues clear goals. In our matchmaking we moderate this together. We propose a list of startups and discuss together how a cooperation with the respective startup can increase your productivity.

What’s a pitch? How long does it take?2019-05-07T13:15:53+02:00

A pitch is a short presentation in which startup founders present their company and their business model. A pitch event usually lasts over 1.5 hours. With subsequent networking it usually takes 3 hours. A pitch is well suited as an evening event.

What’s a Demoday?2019-05-07T13:13:32+02:00

A demoday is a day where usually more than 10 startups are invited. On big Demodays you might have 60 founders.  A pitch on a Demoday is more about the product. The startups on a Demoday are often already more mature, have often already received a seed investment and can show a real product.

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