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Startup Collaboration Management

Hand over your collaboration management to us in order to quickly initiate and successfully implement innovation with startups.

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Why does startup collaboration management help me in my innovation process?

When the market pressure is rising, innovation needs to be implemented fast. When your management is busy developing the new innovation strategy, it may lack the time to develop collaborations with startups. Our  collaboration management starts where design thinking workshops and startup tours stop and we are able to manage your startup collaboration so you reach your goals and your employees are not overwhelmed by following up on business opportunities with startups.

When does startup collaboration management make sense for my company?

  • You need support in your innovation unit.

  • Your innovation unit cannot wait for your HR department to find the right project managers.

  • You have to develop new innovations but you can’t afford to make mistakes.

  • You need interim managers with startup experience.

What to expect of a Startup Collaboration Management

Collaboration management means,  we send our founder team to your company to determine framework conditions for the collaboration. This means that we start the kick-off together with you, accompany the implementation in the project management and evaluate the success until we become unnecessary.

Collaboration Management Schedule

Defining success factors

Project management


What does Ambivation do for you in a Startup Collaboration Management?

  • Project planning with success indicators

  • Kick-Off your collaboration management

  • Agile project management of your startup cooperation

  • Evaluation of success factors

  • Resignation when success is assured


How many consultants can I get for cooperation management?2019-05-07T16:52:10+02:00

Our founder Philipp Kallenbach is our successful cooperation manager, who is supported by the whole team. If this is not enough, we can fall back on a network of successful startup founders if you need interim project management.

How long does it take for a cooperation to be successful?2019-05-07T16:55:45+02:00

Sometimes you can introduce the product of a startup quite easily into your product range and the successful collaboration takes between two and four weeks. Sometimes, however, cooperation management takes more than six months if new software is introduced and coordinated for all employees or if a number of startups are to be won as cooperation partners. Success requires perseverance.

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