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Market Research

Our startup market research shows you the latest developments, future changes and upcoming innovations in your industry.

Why does a startup market analysis help me in my innovation process?

Every entrepreneur does a market research before he launches a new product, starts a marketing campaign or changes his sales strategies. Often a market research takes more time than you expect and the startup market is difficult to observe: Many companies go bankrupt very quickly and not all of them appear in the press or on Google. That’s why we offer Startup market research as a specialized consulting service.

When does a startup market research make sense for my company?

  • You’re unfamiliar with the startup market in your industry.

  • Startups fascinate you and you are interested in innovation.

  • You’re looking for startup cooperation.

  • You want to invest in innovation.

What to expect from a Startup market research

In a startup market research, we prepare an analysis adapted to your market segment. This document should help you to get an overview of the relevant startups and provides the basis for most of our consulting services. With a startup market research you can search for cooperation partners and develop an innovation strategy.

Startup Market Research Schedule

Analysis of your market segment

Preparation of the results

Receive options for action

What does Ambivation do for you in a startup market research?

  • Needs assessment of your business plans

  • Create a list of relevant startups to your industry

  • Preparation of the list

  • Guidance


What does the market research look like?2019-05-07T12:05:24+02:00

You will receive either a PDF file or a PowerPoint, which you can easily integrate into your existing presentations. We are happy to prepare your startup market research in your corporate identity or insert it into your presentation.

What is the difference to Startup Scouting?2019-05-07T12:10:32+02:00

With a Startup Scouting the list of Startups is more focused and you get regular updates.

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