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We connect medium-sized companies, corporations and the public sector with relevant startups for successful innovation partnerships.

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Many companies offer playful innovation training, others travel from one innovation fair to the next. We offer you collaborative innovation by bringing you methodically together with matching start-ups and innovators. We don’t just talk about innovation, we want to implement it with you so you save time, money and nerves.

Collaborative Innovation

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1. Learning and Applying Innovation Methods: Startup Methods and Culture

Startup Culture

In our Startup Culture Training you will learn the most important insights about agile task management, leadership, mindfulness and new work.

Innovation Tour

Learn how startups work, what their hurdles are and how to become successful on an innovation tour where we visit different startups and agencies in Berlin.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is the mindset behind agile working methods. Learn how you can innovate fast by using our Design Thinking tool kit and develop a cooperation prototype.

2. Finding Suitable Collaboration Partners: Startup Matchmaking

Startup Scouting

Find out with us which startups are active in your market. We advise you on market changes, cooperation potential and possible competition.

Startup Monitoring

You will receive regular updates on the startup market for your industry, strategy and/or your search fields. This foundation helps you stay up to date about market trends and dynamics as well as ready to collaborate. We will also share cooperation news from rival companies in the market with you.

Startup Matchmaking Tour

We organize a workshop day where you get to know startups, exchange questions, discuss future scenarios and work out cooperation possibilities.

3. Implementing Innovation Together: Collaborative Innovation

Cooperation Management

We assist your startup cooperation with methods and project management so that your ideas are not left lying idle and your cooperation project is carried out from start to the finish line.

Startup Collaboration Program

With our Startup Collaboration Programm we support the matching of your business needs with the technological capabilities of startups. Ambivation will monitor for you relevant startups in your industry. We set up a program how each scouted startup can benefit your company and support your business units and your manager to implement the startups products and services into your operations.

Venture Development / Spinoff

We support you in bringing startup culture into your company and to create your own startups to become an ambidextrous company: Exploiting your core business and exploring growing markets.

Our Customer Voices

“Thanks a lot for arranging the Startup Tour in Berlin. The organization
was excellent, and the meetings with startup managers provided us with
some important insights.”

“Many thanks again for the super organized tour. All participants liked
it very much and we certainly see possibilities of cooperation with the
startups you selected. Thanks a lot!”

I was impressed by the quality of the participants who Ambivation invited to our first meeting. We had the opportunity to talk directly to the top management of a billion-dollar company and were able to define the direction for a joint pilot project. Excellent!

Dr. Jacek Zawisza, CEO and Co-Founder Kamioni

The Speed Dating was a successful format to bring SME representatives and innovative university startups from Berlin together at one table and to initiate cooperation between the right actors. As a partner, Ambivation implemented the speed dating very professionally and personally connected both sides.

“You can expect small, fast and flexible solutions from startups. This is a fresh cell cure for companies. Ambivation helped us to find the most suitable contacts from the large number of local and international startups. This allowed us to concentrate on the content discussions and, with Ambivation’s support, initiate the cooperation.”

“The Startup Tour with Ambivation was a great success and everything was very well organized on site. Our CEO Kai Ostermann found the day very successful and exciting, too. The 16 startups that Ambivation scoutet for us were all suitable and we found it very difficult to make a final selection. Whether collaborations with the startups will develop will be seen next year. I would definitely do a startup matchmaking tour of this kind again.”

“At a trade fair, especially EMO Hannover, startups have the opportunity to make direct contact with over 2000 exhibitors who can become potential partners. Especially in the industrial scene, the fair is an ideal platform, as you can network directly with established companies. But this networking is still difficult for some young companies and it is all the more valuable if you create sophisticated matchmaking offers like we do – implemented by Ambivation. We can thus establish a simple and quick exchange between new founders and interested investors, but also with established companies. This offers our visitors and regular exhibitors a great added value, because they will find exactly the new solutions of the startups they were looking for – but would perhaps not have found them without the support of Ambivation”.

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    10115 Berlin


As a matchmaker and innovation consultant, our goal is to support medium-sized companies, corporations and the public sector in implementing innovation faster.

We believe that technology can contribute to making our future worthwhile, fair and secure. To this end, we work with agile methods and bring companies and startups together for innovation partnerships. Many startups already solve problems that our companies or the public sector have. In return, they have the experience and contacts that young startups need. Our goal is to develop cooperations with Win-Win. That is why we bring both sides together, support them in creating innovations and accompany them in their cooperation.






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