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Startup Matchmaking

In order to execute a successful Startup Matchmaking it has to fit personally: We look for suitable startups for you, evaluate them together and develop a collaboration strategy with each of them for you.

Why does Startup Matchmaking help me in my innovation process?

In todays specialized world we rely on the expertise of good partners. We help you to find the right innovators for your company and to work together successfully. To ensure that your startup collaboration creates the value you expect, we moderate the matchmaking process and ensure that your product or digitization strategy reaches its goal.

When is Startup Matchmaking viable for my company?

  • You want to successfully implement a startup cooperation.

  • There is a lack of capacity to implement an innovation in your company.

  • You’d like to cooperate with a startup but there are problems.

  • You’re looking for innovative ideas.

What to expect from Startup Matchmaking

You will get a list of startups and we will show you options on how to cooperate with them. We will then invite the most suitable startups to a matchmaking workshop with you. If possible we will withdraw, if necessary we will organize a matchmaking sprint to make your cooperation successful.

Startup Matchmaking Approach

Needs assessment and market research

List of evaluated startups

Matchmaking workshops

What does Ambivation do for you with an Startup Matchmaking?

  • Needs assessment and market research of your innovation interests

  • Startup Scouting of 2-8 startups, research and evaluation of suitable startups

  • Advice on guidance for successful Startup Matchmaking

  • Cooperation workshop with you and the startup founders to find out the best ways to collaborate with methods from Design Thinking and Lean Startup

  • Follow-up to the intermediate status of the cooperation with you and the startup and possible moderation of a cooperation sprint


How long does a Matchmaking workshop take?2019-05-07T15:07:24+02:00

Building trust takes time. Usually we first arrange a 90-minute workshop. If you could get to know each other sufficiently during this time, we suggest a matchmaking sprint: To develop a product strategy for your cooperation over four days.

What startups are the right ones for my company?2019-05-07T15:05:01+02:00

The most important thing for a successful cooperation is that they understand each other and pursue clear goals. In our matchmaking, we moderate this together. We propose a list of startups and discuss together how a cooperation with the respective startup can increase your productivity.

Why should I cooperate with startups?2019-05-07T15:10:21+02:00

Many young companies are founded directly from the universities. Others have founders who have already established and sold successful companies several times. Startups are indicators of current trends and research and can make your work easier or outstrip your rank. We believe in cooperation instead of competition.

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