Collaborative Innovation

Collaborative innovation means bringing long-standing experts together with agile young companies. The mixture of experienced medium-sized engineers, digital founders and user-oriented designers is the future of innovative entrepreneurship. We will find the right innovation partners for you to create something new together.

Collaboration Support

Innovation takes time and the right partners. We find the right partners for you, save your time and carry out the project management of your startup cooperation. In this way you can be sure that your innovation projects won’t come to nothing, but will be implemented.

Ambivation supports you with a Startup Cooperation Management in order to contribute to a fast and successful cooperation. If necessary, we accompany and drive the cooperation process with the various stakeholders. We also support companies with a full-service solution “Startup Cooperation Programme“. We put the complete process from the idea to the conclusion of the cooperation into practice for you and coordinate the process with you.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporate Entrepreneurship means to promote entrepreneurial action in your company. Give employees who want to bear entrepreneurial responsibility the freedom and support they need. Bring talents into your company for whom being an employee is unattractive and support them with your resources. In several cases, we have realized that there aren’t any startups in the market that could be potential cooperation partners.

Then we support our customers in setting up their own startups (also called Spinoffs). With the implementation of an Accelerator for startups as well as own foundations, the growth of these can be speeded up by methodical sparing as well as networking with relevant industry experts. If desired, access to further sources of financing can also be made possible.


The innovation cycles of many companies are under great pressure to become shorter. It is becoming increasingly important to answer (startup) market-related questions quickly. Before companies set up their own startup or enter into a cooperation with a startup, they want to validate the market or assumptions (also called test hypotheses).

At this point we support companies by validating a startup market or by validating hypotheses. For this purpose, relevant customers and experts are interviewed first-hand at short notice to generate real knowledge and validate hypotheses or startup markets. In addition, external Due Diligence (“careful examination” of a startup’s market environment) is playing an increasingly important role in selecting the right or best startup partner and appraising the market environment.

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