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Startup Monitoring

Staying up to date about the latest market trends and dynamics is essential. With our Startup Monitoring we keep you up to date about trends as well as startups relevant for your business.

Why does Startup Monitoring help me in my innovation process?

Use Startup Monitoring to identify market trends, (jointly) develop new products, identify external threats and take advantage of growth opportunities. With our Startup Monitoring we keep you up to date, we analyse the market for startups relevant to your company and observe their further development and changes. In addition, we inform you about the startup activities of your market participants and competing companies.

When does Startup Monitoring make sense for my company?

  • You need a market and trend overview.

  • You want to know changes in your industry at an early stage and use this knowledge for your strategy.

  • You would like to develop products & services together with startups but have not yet found the right ones.

  • You are looking for innovative ideas and new business models.

  • You would like to know for which challenges solutions from startups already exist in the market.

What to expect from Startup Monitoring?

In regular intervals we discuss the developments in the market with you, summarize the changes and trends for you and discuss the startup market with you. You will also receive a market analysis with a list of exciting startups and an evaluation of how mature and innovative these young companies are. If there are changes, we will point them out to you and show you options for action if there is potential for cooperation.

Startup Monitoring Procedure

Market Research

Conversation and startup market overview

Action options for specific startups

What does Ambivation do for you during Startup Monitoring?

How do our customers benefit? (Explanation video)

  • Needs Assessment and Market Research of your Innovation Strategy

  • Startup Scouting, i.e. research and evaluation of suitable startups

  • Participation at relevant startup events

  • Preliminary evaluation of the startups for relevance

  • Creation and maintenance of a list of relevant startups

  • Monitoring the development of the relevant startups

  • Regular appointments to coordinate options for action

Startup Monitoring FAQs

How often do I get updates?2019-08-02T15:58:18+02:00

That depends on what fits your use case the best and that’s what we tailor it to. Typically we send an update every quarter or every month, but different timings are possible.

What do I do with the results of Startup Monitoring?2019-08-02T15:19:27+02:00

Ambivation moderates cooperation between corporations, SMEs and the public sector with startups. Startup Montoring is on the one hand the basis for your own innovation strategy and on the other hand it serves as the basis for your cooperation with startups. This will give you an insight and overview of the players and will quickly lead you to options for action and their implementation. With most customers we also discuss how the monitoring is ideally tailored to their needs.

Why should I watch startups?2019-05-07T12:29:09+02:00

Many young companies are founded directly from the universities. Others have founders who have already established and sold successful companies several times. Startups are indicators of current trends and research and can facilitate your way of working or outstrip your rank.

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