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Innovation Tour

During an Innovation Tour you will learn how other companies, agencies and start-ups implement innovative ideas. It is the opportunity to get to know other working cultures and methods and to personally experience the power of innovation.

Why does an Innovation Tour help in my innovation process?

During an Innovation Tour you will learn how other companies, agencies and startups implement innovative ideas. An Innovation Tour (also called Innovation Journey, Innovation Expedition) is the opportunity to get to know other working cultures and methods. It will help gaining insights into how young companies organize meetings, develop products or launch marketing campaigns. You can get a cross-sector overview or focus on your industry.

When does an Innovation Tour make sense for my company?

  • You want to get to know startups

  • Your colleagues need inspiration for new projects and aspirations.

  • You want to renew and improve your working methods.

  • Your company aims for a cultural change.

  • You’re looking for innovative ideas.

  • Looking for startups and innovation is your job.

What to expect of an Innovation Tour

An Ambivation Innovation Tour can last a few hours or several days. In a relaxed atmosphere you get to know a few founders or take part in an entire method training together with founders. Among other things it can be perfectly combined with a Design Thinking or Lean Startup training. During the Innovation Tour we will visit the offices and co-working spaces of startups and agencies.

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Learning experience

What does Ambivation do for you at our Innovation Tour?

  • Analysis of your innovation opportunities

  • Startup scouting of 2-8 startups i.e. research and evaluation of suitable startups

  • Invitation and event management

  • Guided content tour during the Innovation Tour with methods taken from the Design Thinking Tool kit.

  • Documentation and follow-up


How many colleagues should I bring to an Innovation Tour?2019-07-21T19:13:40+02:00

The ideal number of participants is between 4 and 10 persons per group, so that all participants have a similar experience and everyone can have their say. If your group is larger, we can organise the tour for you in several groups or develop a framework suitable for larger groups, please contact us.

How long should my Innovation Tour be?2019-05-07T16:37:56+02:00

We need about 2 hours per startup. For an Innovation Tour you should see at least 2 startups and schedule 4 hours. Sometimes we can also invite startups together into our Co-Working Space so we don’t lose any travel time between working places.

How to prepare my colleagues and myself?2019-05-07T16:42:04+02:00

For our needs assessment it is important to know what your innovation strategy is and where you want to go. Do you have product ideas? Do you have problems? We want to organize a valuable tour for you and get to know you better.

Where does the Innovation Tour take place?2019-08-02T16:23:27+02:00

We implement the Innovation Tour most often in Berlin and Munich and have a strong network there. Thanks to our network and our startup and cooperation database, we can also offer tours in other cities around the world or visit you in the region with innovators and startups.

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