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Startup Accelerator
as a Service

Use our Accelerator as a Service to promote young companies without dedicating yourself to this task.

Why does an Accelerator as a Service help in my innovation process?

A Startup Accelerator helps young teams to scale their companies. Since choosing the right startups, setting up growth hacking workshops and regular coaching is a complex process you can save time and don’t have to create an accelerator team if you use our Accelerator as a Service. This allows you to set up your own startups and make them successful without making mistakes by yourself.

When is a Accelerator as a Service viable for my company?

  • There is a selection of young entrepreneurs you want to support.

  • Your innovation unit doesn’t have enough capacity to set up its own accelerator program.

  • You want to test the effects of an accelerator before expanding your innovation unit.

  • You need interim managers who make your accelerator more successful.

What to expect of an Accelerator as a Service

Startups are made for developing products in the shortest time possible, bringing them to market, failing and finding new strategies for success. To create space and avoid typical mistakes there are accelerators. They support startups in their most intense growth phase. With our Accelerator as a Service we take on work that helps your company learn and ultimately grow a number of startups.

Accelerator as a Service Schedule

Defining the program

Conduct workshops and mentoring

Documentation and cooperation management

What does Ambivation do for you with an Accelerator as a Service?

  • Project planning with success indicators

  • Kick-Off of the accelerator program

  • Coaching your startups with Design Thinking

  • Startup workshops to introduce your employees into startup methods

  • Growth Hacking of the startups

  • Documentation of successes and learning successes

  • Final presentation and next steps


How many startups are there usually in an Accelerator?2019-05-07T17:39:03+02:00

5 to 10 startups make sense for an accelerator to reduce the risk of failure. Of course, more is possible, but you have to keep in mind that the startups have to be equipped with jobs and money.

What happens after the Accelerator?2019-05-07T17:37:22+02:00

After an Accelerator the startups should move on to the next financing rounds. It is then time to define how you want to continue cooperating with the startup or whether you want to integrate it into your company.

How long does an Accelerator take?2019-05-07T17:40:47+02:00

An accelerator is either three or six months long. While a six-month program is still used to support product development, a three-month program is only intended for the start of the growth phase.

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