IndustrialTech Startup Pitches – Hannover Messe Digital Days (Part 2)

The Young Tech Enterprises Startup Pitches took place during the Hannover Messe. Here startups get the opportunity to present their company and their idea and to get in contact with potential investors and cooperation partners. Twenty-two startups present their technological innovations in short Youtube Speed Pitches. This is the second part of the IndustrialTech Startup Pitches, the first part can be found here.

Shyftplan GmbH

The software of Shyftplan GmbH flexibly creates shift plans and is more efficient than Excel, which is still frequently used for this purpose today. The customer only needs to enter his data and information and the plan is created automatically, so that the time and effort required for this can be reduced considerably. The software works with HCM solutions and is already in use in thirty-one countries around the world, including large companies such as Siemens and Daimler.

RS Connect

With its technology, the startup, which is based at the Innovation Center Osnabrück, wants to make it possible to evaluate machine data as easily as possible and at the same time create more transparency in the customer’s companies. By monitoring the collected data, anomalies can be found, costs saved and the effectiveness of production increased. The Efficient Energy Management System is offered as a plug in solution and is therefore easy to implement.

New Motion Labs

The Startup Motion Labs is an expert in dual engagements in Industry 4.0, a technology that starts with the most original parts of industrial production, such as gears, and optimizes them on both sides. As a result, the products have a longer lifetime, become more efficient and sustainable.

CMC Engineers

The startup has developed the VR software CMC View R, which makes it possible to develop projects without being physically present and to collaborate with colleagues on a virtual basis. All data required for project development is available in a virtual project room and can be discussed with relevant stakeholders.


Modelwise software generates automatic security reports based on digital models. It can be installed on any local device and requires few resources. These FMEA (Failure Modes and Effectiveness Analysis) reports are used to solve safety problems and make knowledge more applicable.

Jamaze Inc.

Using the VR technology of this start-up, companies can build a so-called Digital Experience Center. This 3D platform for visual experiences enables companies to interact with products, change their properties such as color and material or gain insight into machines. Especially during the current corona situation, the sustainable all-in-one solution is practical to present products virtually. It can be used via zoom or similar sharing platforms or implemented on the website.

Plus 10 GmbH

The high-tech spinoff from the field of self-learning production optimization offers an AI solution for machines. Highly frequented data from the inside of the machines are collected, processed with AI technology and transferred to the smart phone in real time. Thus the output of the production line can be increased by 10%. In addition, the solution is very general and applicable in all industrial sectors.

COMAN Software GmbH

The project management software acts project-oriented to digitize and visualize information in a certain project phase. It offers real-time synchronization, standardization of terminology, and an individually adaptable report generator. It also works on a wide range of devices and operating systems. With the help of the software, the defect management of complex projects can be significantly simplified.


The start-up QuizCo has made it its business to generate playfully motivating e-learning content for companies in the form of texts, quizzes, multiple choice tests and the like. To create this content, QuizCo works with AI. The content can be created and transferred from different sources, such as Word, PDF, or PowerPoint files. The automated process can save up to 90% of time and 60% of costs in the creation process.


The Startup Winstate automates social media marketing. It uses Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The social media content, which normally has to be created individually to guarantee a good quality, can be generated and posted automatically using the AI. The startup is still very much in its infancy, but has already launched an MVP.


Tacterion’s tactile sensor is compatible with any type of robot, and is easy to use. The “Tactile Robotics Kit” offered by Tacterion comes as a plug and play solution and can be installed within fifteen minutes. With the more agile, responsive sensors, Tracterion aims to take cooperative robotics to a new level.

You can find the first part of the IndustrialTech Startup Pitches here.

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