IndustrialTech Startup Pitches – Hannover Messe Digital Days (Part 1)

The Young Tech Enterprises Startup Pitches took place during the Hannover Messe. Here startups get the opportunity to present their company and their idea and to get in contact with potential investors and cooperation partners. Twenty-two startups present their technological innovations in short Youtube Speed Pitches. This is the first part of the IndustrialTech Startup Pitches, the second part can be found here.


3Dsignals offers plug in digitization solutions for smart factories to enable them to improve their efficiency and productivity. It takes only one hour per machine to digitize them. To help managers understand what works and what doesn’t, the solution works with data-based analysis. The information gained is uploaded to the cloud and visualized there to ensure a good overview.

Cybus connectware

The problem with most IoT services is that they cannot be connected in a uniform way. The Hamburg start-up has developed a solution that offers IoT services a uniform platform and gives the customer complete control over the data. The startup’s two main customer groups include both smart factories and service providers.

Dialogue Trainer

Dialogue Trainer’s online conversation training can help to improve soft skills and better handle real-life situations where they are needed. To achieve this, the Dutch start-up works with simulations that talk to the user, interact with the user and offer different response options. The online trainer offers the possibility to practice difficult real-life situations in advance and is also very advantageous in corona times.

DNP Technology

According to its own statement, the startup DNP Technology is oriented towards European values in its actions and gives special priority to data protection. It offers a disruptive technology, which should revolutionize the data exchange in the Internet. The offered product is a Peer-to-Peer as a Service solution, and all devices should be Peer-to-Peer capable. In addition, users are promised one hundred percent data sovereignty.

Conclurer GmbH

The broad target group of the start-up includes both small and large companies. By using and analyzing lots of data in their software, they improve the relationship between the machines in the factory and the operators. This is done by collecting existing data from ERP systems and using AI to automate the sales process.


The vision of Expivi is to establish a new global standard in the e-commerce sector. Within this framework, the browser-based solution of the startup works with interactive 3D visualizations and 360° views. The Saas solution enables the customer to easily configure and personalize the product and sell it faster.


The machine control system is available as a web service and useful in mining. It shall act as an ecosystem to support and enable digital transformation. For this purpose, it provides risk analysis, real-time data, insight and transparent operations, among others.

Bam GmbH

The customers of Bam GmbH already include Telekom as a reliable partner. The start-up wants t target=”_blank”o make digitization and work with digital tools easier. Their service makes it possible, among other things, to have components delivered faster. In addition, they offer fully automated price calculation and offer preparation in ten to thirty seconds. The startup has developed its own online portal “Mypart” and helps to save development time, among other things.


The Vienna-based start-up develops AI solutions for industrial applications, and is one of the leading companies in this field in the German-speaking world. By observing processes and evaluating data from machines and sensors, errors can be detected early, failures prevented and rejects reduced. The experience of the twenty-six-member team already includes several machine learning competitions, hackathons and cooperation with industrial companies.

EDI GmbH Engineering Data intelligence

The AI-based algorithm of the startup works not only with Big Data, but can also work with simple Excel files, for example, so that both large companies and smaller firms can cooperate with the startup. With the help of the AI-based decision model, machines can be automated.  Siemens is already one of the customers.

Sense Glove

Customers such as VW and Fraunhofer have already made use of the startup’s patented Forced Feedback technology. It enables 3D-based digital interaction just like in real life and allows the user to feel objects in the application. The technology is used in training courses, among others, where it can reduce costs and increase efficiency. The wearable exoskeleton glove is connected to the headset and combines AR and VR.

You can find the second part of the IndustrialTech Startup Pitches here.

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