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Startup Foundation/ Corporate Spin-Off

Let us support you in your startup foundation/your corporate spin-off and take advantage of the experience and expertise you’ll need for this step.

Why does startup foundation/ corporate spin-off help in my innovation process?

If you don’t want to integrate startup culture into your company, you can create a spin-off which solves complementary tasks to your main business. Companies like Daimler or Bayer have corporate entrepreneurship programs and venture capital to invest in smart minds and concepts. With the Ambivation corporate spin-off program we support you in founding your own startup.

When is a corporate spin-off viable for my company?

  • You have employees who need more responsibility and freedom.

  • There is not the perfect startup you want to invest in.

  • You want to try out a new business model without your branding.

What to expect of a corporate spin-off

If you want to diversify your business and spin-off a startup, we help to develop a concept for your corporate spin-off. We accompany in defining the right working hypotheses, providing hiring support and ensuring an agile product development structure. The goal is to validate the business as quickly as possible or change it with a pivot.

Startup foundation schedule

Defining working hypotheses

Agile hiring and management

Validation or pivot

What does Ambition do for the foundation of a corporate spinoff?

  • Needs assessment and market research of your innovation strategy

  • Define your working hypotheses

  • Hiring and setup support for your spinoff team

  • Agile coaching referring to project management

  • Advice on pivot or validation of your corporate spinoff


Why should I set up a Corporate Spin-off?2019-05-07T17:28:20+02:00

You can of course found your own company, but a spin-off often makes sense if you: 1. want to protect your brand and need a unit to test something new. 2. you have employees who need a different work culture and different incentives to perform best for you. 3. you want to diversify your risk and compete with other startups.

Why found my own startup when I can also buy shares?2019-05-07T17:29:44+02:00

You can participate in startups, but it happens that there is no startup in your market segment that is “mature” enough.

Do you also give legal advice?2019-05-07T17:32:48+02:00

No, we aren’t lawyers but we can advise you in your choice and help you find the right partner.

How long does it take to set up a Corporate Spin-off?2019-05-07T17:34:57+02:00

We can give first statements on the validation of your Spin-off after six months. Normally you should give your startup team one year.

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