Take advantage of our Scrum workshop to fulfill today’s requirements for agile project management.

Why does Scrum help me in my innovation process?

Product and advertising cycles in today’s market are much shorter than ten or twenty years ago. Planning phases using the waterfall method have difficulties adapting to changing conditions. Scrum is the agile project management method for responding to everlasting changes. In weekly Scrum Sprints the most important tasks are carried out so their innovation management can adapt to new conditions.

When does Scrum make sense for my company?

  • Your customer is upset about constantly exceeded delivery times.

  • Your projects should be designed more productive and less stressful.

  • Your customers constantly expect new products and you can’t keep up.

  • You have too many meetings that take too much time.

What to expect of Scrum training

In a good Scrum meeting every expert assesses his own priorities for your project. The collaborative process leads to a realistic assessment of your project. The defined work packages are processed during the weekly sprint. At the next Scrum meeting we will recapitulate what has been achieved and which elements of the project planning may have to be adapted.

Scrum workshop schedule

Scrum meeting

Sprint execution

Performance and meeting

What does Ambivation do for you at a Scrum Workshop?

  • Needs assessment of you project management

  • Implementation of an application-oriented Scrum training workshop

  • Documentation with methodical classification

  • Further development based on the successes with simple action steps


What is a Sprint?2019-05-07T15:44:05+02:00

A sprint is a fixed period of time for a set of tasks. Most teams are most effective when their task packages are manageable in a week. This allows performance to be measured and improved in the best possible way. There are also sprints over two to four days. Sometimes even over several weeks up to one month.

How long does Scrum Training take?2019-05-07T15:45:39+02:00

A normal Scrum training lasts two days. It often makes sense to lead a Sprint together with an experienced Scrum Master.

Why should I learn Scrum with Ambivation?2019-05-07T15:48:22+02:00

At Ambivation we believe in method training that corresponds directly to your business challenges and we work with coaches from startups who have experience in your industry.

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