Latest collaborations of startups with SMEs and industry in August 2019

4 Cooperation examples of companies & start-ups
From the Ambivation cooperation database. You can report further cooperations here.

Green electricity meets blockchain: Berlin startup Lition cooperates with giants such as GASAG
#Electricity trade #Technology cooperation #Berlin #Berlin

The trend of the media company as a VC continues: Burda takes over
#Health #Media Cooperation #Investment #Offenburg #Munich

Family business Biersack wants to start with drone start-up BEE appliance GmbH
improve delivery
#Automotive supplier #Technology investment #Beilngries

ImmobilienScout24 starts a sales cooperation again: This time with Proptech EverReal
#Retail #design cooperation #Berlin #Munich

4 collaboration events between companies & start-ups
We are looking forward to the personal exchange!

Z LAB meets Sablono & KVL Bauconsult
18.09.2019, Berlin, 2h

Startups @ EMO Hannover
16.- 21.09.2019, Berlin, 6 Tage

netWerk – Founder meets Mittelstand
26.09.2019, München, 4h

15.- 16.11.2019, Berlin, 2 Tage

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