Lecture at the 2nd Expert Conference: Startup Cooperation Automotive & Mobility

Ambivation on forms of cooperation with startups and their advantages and disadvantages
As part of the presentation on startup forms of cooperation at the 2nd conference on startup cooperations in the Automotive & Mobility sector, various forms of cooperation will first be presented. These collaborations range from a loose exchange of established companies and startups, for example at events, to a complete takeover of a startup including integration into the established company. The choice of the form of cooperation depends strongly on the goal of the cooperation and varies according to the maturity level of the two stakeholders. When working together it is important to document the goals of both parties and the associated identification of a win-win.

The presentation will be illustrated by concrete case studies from the automotive / mobility sector between startups and large companies or medium-sized businesses. Registration for the conference on 22 and 23 November 2017 in Ludwigsburg can still be made under the following link:
2. Conference: Start-up Cooperation Automotive & Mobility

About the speaker:
Christoph Baier is the founder of the Berlin based innovation consultancy Ambi-Vation. Ambi-Vation connects innovative companies and startups for innovation partnerships. Ambi-Vation is an innovation consultancy and match-maker that promotes cooperation between established companies and startups within the framework of a general exchange as well as concrete customer, supplier and research partnerships. In concrete terms, Ambi-Vation supports companies in the identification of needs, startup identification, startup evaluation and initiation of cooperation. Formats such as research of relevant startups, startup monitoring, strategic cooperation consulting or event formats such as startup tours serve this purpose. The monthly newsletter  also informs curious company representatives about current cooperation examples and events related to these cooperations.